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Department of Information Management



[Bachelor class]

The department has built three laboratories, namely the knowledge management laboratory, the cloud and huge data laboratory, and the e-commerce laboratory. Each laboratory purchases multiple sets of software and hardware devices, such as GPU server and Microsoft Azure cloud service.

From the junior to the senior year, the one-year "Information System Project Design" course, students integrate the previously acquired knowledge and skills in a teamwork manner to develop a creative information system.

In order to enable students to combine theory with practice, the department provides certification counseling courses and corporate internship courses to enhance students' employment competitiveness.

[Master class]

Each year, in conjunction with the school's information, the International Symposium on Knowledge Community has been held. Since its inception in 2005, experts and scholars at home and abroad have participated in the exchanges, including the United States, China, Macau, Hong Kong and other places. More than 100 universities have participated in more than 2,000 people. Submission. Graduates of this department are required to participate in the preparation of the seminar to accumulate research energy and expand the international perspective of students.

Since the implementation of Master's program of study for bachelor students, a very high percentage of students can obtain the awards for the seminar papers during the five-year period, and the research is recognized by external experts.