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Department of Information Management







The history of department

Department of Information Management, Chinese Culture University, is devoted to cultivate information management personnel for the purpose of   the dual skills on IT applications and scientific management.

By the advent of the information society, information industry becomes the countrywide strategic industry. Applying information technology to improve productivity has become an indispensable tool to promote national economic development.

In view of the rapid development of the domestic information technology and to effectively promote the usage of information technology in business management and decision, the school set up the Department of Information Management in 1987, originally belong to college of engineering. Since 1990, however, the department changes the relationship to the college of business in order to fulfill the purpose of developing information management professionals.

In 1997, the graduate institute of Information Management, under the college of business, was founded in order to line with the government plan for training high-level information management expertise. Moreover, it also increases the department's academic standards and makes full use of teaching personnel from department faculty. As a result, it enhances the important feature of our business school--International Business,

Each year, about 24 graduate students are enrolled. For now, there are many after graduation students working for the corporation or making the post-graduate research.


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